The “i love you so much” mural in Austin, Texas, has become an iconic symbol of the city’s culture and personality. The mural features the phrase “I Love You So Much” painted in large, bold letters in vibrant green on the side of Jo’s Coffee, a popular coffee shop located on South Congress Avenue (SoCo) in Austin.


The story behind the mural ‘i love you so much’ and how it celebrates the spirit of love in Austin

The story behind the mural is quite simple and charming. In 2010, a local musician named Amy Cook decided to express her love for her partner, Liz Lambert, who owns Jo’s Coffee, in a unique way. She took a can of spray paint and wrote the message “I Love You So Much” on the exterior wall of the coffee shop. The act was spontaneous and heartfelt, and it quickly captured the attention and affection of locals and visitors alike.

The mural has since become a beloved landmark in Austin, drawing tourists and locals who come to take photos in front of it. It’s often used as a backdrop for engagement and wedding photos, and it has also been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, and advertisements.

Over the years, the mural has undergone touch-ups and restorations to ensure its message remains vibrant and visible. It has even been temporarily altered or adorned with additional messages on special occasions, such as marriage proposals or birthday celebrations.

The “I Love You So Much” mural is a testament to the creative and expressive spirit of Austin and the city’s embrace of art and culture. It has become a symbol of love, both between individuals and for the city itself, and it continues to be a must-visit spot for anyone exploring the unique character of Austin, Texas.

Take your selfies, photos and videos at the “i love you so much” mural

Visiting the “i love you so much” mural on South Congress, is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find the Location: The “i love you so much” mural is located on the side wall of Jo’s Coffee, which is located at 1300 South Congress Avenue (SoCo) in Austin. South Congress Avenue is a popular and vibrant street with many shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  2. Plan Your Visit: Check the operating hours of Jo’s Coffee to make sure they are open when you plan to visit. The mural is accessible during the coffee shop’s business hours.
  3. Parking: Parking can be a bit challenging in this area, especially during peak times. Consider using rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, public transportation, or finding nearby parking lots or garages if you’re driving.
  4. Visit the Mural: Once you arrive at Jo’s Coffee, you’ll see the iconic mural on the building’s exterior wall. It’s usually on the side of the building facing the street. The mural is at eye level, making it easy to take photos in front of it.
  5. Take Selfie Photos and Videos: Feel free to take photos and videos of yourself or with friends and family in front of the mural. It’s a popular spot for Instagram-worthy pictures, so don’t be shy about capturing the moment.
  6. Respect the Property: Remember that the mural is on the side of a functioning business, so be respectful of the property and its customers. Avoid blocking the sidewalk or creating disruptions.
  7. Enjoy the Area: After visiting the mural, take the opportunity to explore South Congress Avenue. There are plenty of shops, boutiques, food trucks, and other attractions to enjoy in the area.
  8. Check for Events: Sometimes, special events or promotions are held at the mural or at Jo’s Coffee, so consider checking their website or social media accounts for any updates or happenings related to the mural.
  9. Leave No Trace: Be sure to clean up after yourself and dispose of any trash properly. Help keep the area around the mural clean for future visitors.

Visiting the “i love you so much” mural is a fun and quintessentially Austin experience. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and capture a memorable moment during your visit to the city.

Austin Most Famous Mural

The “I Love You So Much” mural located on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, is a famous and iconic spot for taking photos. This mural is known for its simplicity yet powerful message, featuring the words “I Love You So Much” written in bold, cursive letters on the side of Jo’s Coffee.

Local and International Mural Flavor and More!

Visitors to Austin often stop by this mural to snap pictures and express their love and affection for the city or their loved ones. It has become a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. Keep in mind that the popularity of this mural can lead to crowds, especially during peak times, so plan accordingly if you want to take a selfie there.

Exploring Beyond the Murals

Shopping on South Congress Avenue isn’t just about acquiring material goods; it’s about immersing oneself in Austin’s culture. The area’s lively atmosphere, colorful street art, and vibrant personalities of local vendors create an engaging backdrop for your shopping journey. Additionally, the presence of food trucks, street performers, and the iconic “I Love You So Much” mural at Jo’s Coffee adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

South Congress Avenue stands as a testament to Austin’s identity as a hub of creativity and individuality. Its shopping scene encapsulates the city’s vibrant energy, welcoming locals and tourists to explore an array of boutiques, galleries, and stores that embody the city’s unique character. From vintage treasures to artisanal crafts and beyond, South Congress Avenue invites you to embark on a shopping adventure that goes beyond retail therapy, celebrating the artistry, history, and innovation that make Austin truly exceptional.

South Congress Avenue (SoCo) has even more vibrant street art and murals beside I Love You So Much, and it’s treasure trove for taking selfie photo

1. “Greetings from Austin” Mural: This colorful mural features a postcard-style design with the words “Greetings from Austin” and various iconic Austin symbols. It’s a classic spot for taking photos.

2. “Willie for President” Mural: This mural pays tribute to the legendary musician Willie Nelson and is a favorite among music enthusiasts and fans of Austin’s music scene.

3. Trudy’s Del Mar mural! Yep “Tequila made me do it!” mural is outside of their South Congress location!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, the Mister Rogers mural is on the side of More Home Slice Pizza at 1421 S. Congress Ave.


Smile! even if you don’t want to,” an uplifting mural sprayed only steps from the famous Hey, Cupcake food trailer on South Congress.